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Thought for the day

I notice that when our 20 month old son Russell plays with the little toy oven, he likes to take the animals from the Noah's Arc toy and throw them in, like a good little omnivore. It makes my heart swell with pride to know that my son appreciates a good cut of meat cooked to perfection. Well, while I was cleaning out the toy oven today, I noticed that he tossed in Noah and his wife as well. Should I be worried?


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Metacafe - How to and more
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Picard Web Mail
U Promise - College Fund
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FirstGov - Federal Government Site
Massachusetts State Site (General Law)
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O'Connor's Restaurant
Pizzeria Uno - Framingham(Club Uno)
Gold Star Indian Restaurant
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Tennessee's BBQ
Castle Restaurant, Leicester

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Logan Airport - Boston, MA
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Reliable - Office Supplies
Angel Sword - REAL Handmade Swords
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