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 Discussion Thread
 Customer (David J Picard)03/21/2008 06:26 AM

How do I upgrade the firmware on a BEFCMU10 v3 Cable Modem I bought and provisioned on my own that my ISP will not provision? The current firmware version is compliant with DOCSIS 1.1 with a hardware version of 1.0. The serial number is KBG3900269. I would like to upgrade to DOCSIS 2.0 to be able to take advantage of my 20M service, which is now limited to 7M by the firmware in the Linksys device.

Additional Info Follows:

Startup Procedure
Acquire Downstream Channel 735000000 Hz Locked
Connectivity State Operational Operational
Boot State OK Operational
Security Disabled Disabled
Downstream Channel
Lock Status Operational
Modulation 256QAM
Channel ID 2
Symbol Rate 5360.537 Ksym/sec
Downstream Power -4.0 dBmV
SNR 35.6 dB
Upstream Channel
Lock Status Operational
Modulation 16QAM
Channel ID 1
Symbol Rate 2560 Ksym/sec
Upstream Power 39.5 dBmV

The Linksys website appears to insist my ISP provision the modem, however this is MY modem that I purchased from a retailer (not my ISP) and brought into service over 3 years ago - I need to maintain this myself.

Please provide flash instruction, tools, and the firmware bundle.

- David Picard

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