David Picard graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction (honors) and began his career as an officer in the US Army. While initially managing 70 personnel, he found ways to leverage IT to eliminate missed certification cycles and plan training activities to reduce the certification gap of his team by over 90%, consequently reducing double shift duty for his team. His role evolved into planning in logistics, supply and operational oversight of over 270 personnel by the time he left the military.

After a one year hiatus pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, he leveraged the IT and operations management capabilities he developed in the military to drive operations consulting engagements at Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines and UPS to increase efficiencies in their air operations centers while moving operations planning into a custom built software package he repackaged from an existing custom solution he had helped bring to market. These improvements led to an aggregate annual rate of return of over $95M in operational cost reductions across all three air operations and pushing the passenger carrieres up a minimum of 5 positions in on time performance rankings. He further defined quality assurance, delivery, product management, and professional services capabilities for this employer before moving on to opportunities at larger global consulting organizations.

After a one year stay with Transaction Information Systems assisting in building a development center in Boston, MA David joined Virtusa Corp. While at Virtusa, he provided the overarching technical direction and approach for dozens of engagements and ultimately took ownership of the Pegasystems account to build out Virtusa's first practice operations around BPM where he defined the engagement approach, deal structure, and delivery terms for dozens of BPM projects in the Banking and Insurance spaces. He drove practice operations for 4 years growing the group from 50 to 250 personnel before shifting focus to build out a consulting capability for Virtusa leaving Virtusa after an 8 year term.

David joined Capgemini in late 2008 to extend their BPM delivery capabilities around Financial Services and left in November 2009 to grow his consulting company full time, focusing on driving integration of operations optimization techniques with BPM adoption across all business domains.