This is the home page of bCHptd Picard's Prize Kurgan de Zion (aka Kurgan). Kurgan is an ISSR Shiloh Shepherd and is great with kids, very intelligent, and generally just the best dog we've ever had. He was whelped at New Zion Shilohs, Filmore, New York in June 2005 and we drove out to get him in August of the same year.

Shiloh Shepherds are generally very intelligent dogs and Kurgan is no exception. He completely understands that the easiest way for him to signal playtime is to go grab Chris's (aka mom) hat, socks, gloves, or any other article of clothing within easy reach in order to initiate a game of chase. Now that we're wise to this tactic we simply pick up his tug rope and he immediately drops the clothing to play tug - his favorite game. We also tend to be more rigorous about getting clothing back in the closet or in the laundry - but we're working on training Kurgan to help since he likes our clothes so much.

Kurgan was first bred in October 2008 to bCHptd Rising Star's Armand's Joy, TT, CGC (aka Joy) of Rising Star Shilohs with a phenomenal litter of 11 puppies being whelped over the course of 24 hours on 28-29 December 2008. Sadly, the last puppy did not survive the lengthy process, but all the other puppies were healthy and attentively cared for by mom.

Kurgan was again bred to Joy in April 2010. All the puppies were successfully placed from that breeding as well. Kurgan is available for stud pending approval of the breeding by Tina Barber - contact us if you are interest in a pairing!

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